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Have you always known that you were different? Perhaps you’ve even been labeled or diagnosed for your difference?

Access X-Men is a specialty topic of Access Consciousness, where we affectionately call people who have OCD, ASD, ADHD and many more, the X-Men. We don’t see them as disabled or as less than. They are just different. Whether you have been labelled or not, what capacities do you have that you have never acknowledged before?

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Access X-Men Class in Istanbul Turkey

X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities?

30-31 March, 2024

Unhiding Your Abilities


March 22, 7pm AEST

What People Say

Imagine a world...

Imagine a world where you no longer had to fit in. Where you could think outside of the box, and create in a way that was entirely unique to you. Imagine what it would be like if judgment didn’t rule your choices. This can be the X-Men’s world if they choose it. And how do you begin to access that? By asking the questions that no one else is.

What are some of the traits, gifts and abilities of the people we affectionately call X-Men? They are the people who have been diagnosed with all kinds of disabilities, and even those who haven’t been diagnosed but who have always been different to the people around them.

What if they are not disabilities at all, but capacities for a different way of being and interacting with the world?


Thinking in Pictures

So often we try to get everyone to communicate in the same way through use of language and body language to mention some. However, an X-Men’s mind functions very different than other people’s. They are not linear thinkers, and their first language is energy, so regular communication doesn’t make sense to them. What can you learn from them and the way they function? And what if your way of seeing the world is a gift and not something that needs to be changed? Find out more in this eBook that introduces the tools of Access X-Men here.


& The feelings that flew away...

“There is magic everywhere, it isn’t a lie. You may not see or hear it, but you can feel it inside. For some it’s just myth, they can’t believe it’s true, that something could exist outside of me and you. But, we know the secret, we are those who can’t hide. For magic is in us, just open your mind.”