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Relationships for X-Men

When you hear the word ‘relationship’, what comes up for you? What are the things that you think of?

Relationships mean many different things to each of us, and it’s because of our differences in ideas about what relationships are that there is sometimes a disconnect between what we expect and what we receive in relationships. 

In this video discover:

  • How to create your relationships from the possibilities that are available with that person, and not from the judgments.
  • What is created by the judgments you may have about your relationships – including the relationship you have with yourself!
  • What you desire in relationships, beyond what everyone else needs from you.
  • The meaning of the word ‘relationship’ and how this may have been affecting your relationships.
  • The Access X-Men way of doing relationships.
  • One of the elements of intimacy of Access Consciousness
  • How to have you as a priority in your relationships!


What if every relationship in your life could be a contribution to you?


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