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What if you could change anything in your life?


I am a firm believer of the positive effects that personal growth can have on every area in life from relationships, to business, finances, and even the level of joy and peace you experience every day. 

My blog covers some of my favourite perspectives, questions and tools from Access Consciousness that can allow you to have that!

Management As Consciousness

Management As Consciousness Have you ever considered that business isn’t separate from you, your life, or the universe? It’s all interconnected, and understanding this can

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Featured Blog

Is Your Body a Curse or a Possibility?

I grew up as a ballet dancer. One of my first memories was at age 3, when I found myself in a chilly brown and grey building in the outskirts of London sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me. I vividly remember the smell of lycra, as 12 of us sat in a circle wearing a pale blue leotard, white tights and ballet shoes saying good toes (as we pointed our toes) and naughty toes (as we flexed our feet).


Descubre perspectivas nuevas sobre temas diferentes, inspiración, preguntas y herramientas de Access Consciousness que te permiten cambiar cualquier cosa en tu vida…


X-Men Abilities:

What if so-called dis-abilities such as OCD, ADD, ADHD, ASD and more, are capacities? 

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