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X Men and the Money Universe a Conversation with Yasodara and Diva

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    Hi, I’m Diva Diaz.
    I’m a corporate dropout turned international speaker, author, mindset coach and
    Access Consciousness Facilitator.
    After realizing that I didn’t have to change myself in to “fit in”, and that I could
    have a fun and fulfilled life, regardless of the job I was in or the money in my bank
    Account I started helping others achieve this same realization.
    I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world to embrace their misfit
    superpowers and create a life they love while making money from what they love,
    using a unique set of mindset tools called Access Consciousness.
    This is a way of questioning everything you’ve ever considered to be true, in order
    to open yourself up to possibilities you didn’t know existed.
    I’m constantly inspired by people like you who I meet around the world. People who know something else must be possible, and are seeking the tools to create it.
    Fresh out of uni I embarked on the adventure of working in the corporate world. For several years I worked in economic media creating reports for publications such as Forbes, The Economist, Le Monde, and The Washington Post. As a typical entrepreneur/creative I got bored and needed more so I turned my hand to business intelligence where I was able to engage in thought-provoking conversations with heads of state, ministers in government and CEO’s of blue chip companies and SMEs across all sectors of the economy on a global scale.
    This job was fast paced, intense and different every day. Just how I like it! But I also found myself highly stressed and unhappy. Beyond that, I started to notice that the majority of people I met regardless of job, net worth, success, or achievements were also stressed and not totally happy.
    That’s when I started seeking out a way to have a fun and fulfilled life regardless of the job I was in or the amount of money in my bank account. Access Consciousness fell into my lap by no accident and soon I was finding myself getting out of self judgment, no longer having sleepless nights, my monkey mind retired, and I started to create the life I’d always known was possible but didn’t know how to achieve.
    As an Access Consciousness facilitator, global speaker, kids author, and entrepreneur, I am usually cooking up ideas on my laptop and traveling while I do it.
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