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What If 99.9% Of What Is Sticking You... Actually Isn't Yours?

Recently during one of my classes the question “Who does this belong to?” came up a lot.  

If you are familiar with me and my classes you may already know this question but for those of you who are new to this neck of the woods, let me explain! 

“Who does this belong to?” Is my go to question when I have gone from happy, fun Diva to grumpy, melancholy Diva in 1.5 seconds. Have you ever experienced something similar?

You are on top of the world one minute and desperate the next.  This my friend is because it isn’t yours.

99.9% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not ours, we pick them up like little radars from all the energy and goings on around us and then because we are magical creators and super aware, we make them ours. 

This also goes for our points of view about anything and everything.  


Points of view like, “I am going to be lonely forever”, “I will never be able to afford nice things in life” might not actually be yours and therefore are not true for you. 

What do I mean by these things not being yours? Have you ever heard a perspective, believed it, and then that became your perspective on something? That’s how we form our beliefs and fixed points of view. We buy them from when we are born and all the way throughout our life.

Just because you have been collecting fixed points of view over the years does not mean that they’re true for you, or that you need to hold on to them for dear life.

So next time you have a thought, feeling it and emotion that’s sudden, heavy or just weird ask: 

Who does this belong to? And return to sender 

And who it actually belongs is not significant or relevant, they might have picked it up from someone else! 

Let me know how that works out for you.