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    How Being in Question Speeds Up Receiving with Diva Diaz

    Hello, you! I have a question for you. What comes up for you when you hear the word receiving?

    Most people tend to think about receiving as ‘getting’ – mostly getting money or getting stuff that you’ve asked for, or getting things from the people in your life, etc.

    But what if receiving was something SO MUCH BIGGER? (And what if receiving didn’t only apply to money – but to pretty much anything?!)

    What if asking a question and receiving what you’ve asked for was the most natural way to create your life, and well, anything you desire?

    What if it is only the ideas and definitions and conclusions that we have about what receiving is that stop us from having that?

    Here are a few tools that have helped me to have a lot more ease with asking and receiving, which may help you become more aware of where you’re functioning with this in your life.


    1. Are you asking from lack or possibility?

    Something you’ll hear me say a lot is that your point of view creates your reality. 

    One thing that can stop what you’re asking for from showing up with great ease is exactly that – your point of view! 

    When you’re asking for something, do you have an underlying point of view attached to that ask? Are you asking from lack? Or from possibility?

    Maybe you’ve already decided that you can’t have what you’re asking for! Or that it’s going to be really difficult, or going to take a really long time! 

    All those underlying things are judgements and conclusions, and any time you feel those coming up, do you notice you feel really dense and contracted?

    Something I highly recommend using to change judgements and conclusions is the Access Consciousness clearing statement!

    (For more info about the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, GO HERE.)

    Using the Clearing Statement starts to make it easier for you to get a sense of what is true for you, and remove the judgements in that situation which means you’re destroying and uncreating all the lies that are underneath those judgements and emotions.

    When you start to remove judgements, you’re actually able to receive SO much more and move from a sense of lack to a sense of possibilities.


    2. Are you asking conclusions with a question mark at the end or open-ended questions that allow unlimited possibilities?

    There is a huge difference in the KINDS of questions that you ask!

    Here’s an example. Get a sense of the difference between the following questions:

    What would it take for a red Mercedes to show up on my doorstop on Monday morning? Or:

    What would it take for a car that’s really fun for me to drive to show up in my life?

    Which of those 2 is actually going to create greater possibilities? Which of those is actually easier for the universe to deliver?

    The 2nd one, of course! It’s completely open-ended and doesn’t come with a judgement attached of how that ask should show up.

    The more open-ended you can be with your question, the greater your questions will be and the easier your asks will show up.

    Something to take note of with this is when you’re asked for something – how often do you then go into trying to figure it all out!

    How often does figuring it out actually work? It doesn’t! And that’s because your basic way of functioning is not to figure stuff out. It’s to ask and receive.

    It’s actually the universe’s job to figure out the HOW and your job to simply ask and receive. 

    One of the questions I love to ask every day is – What question can I ask today to open the door to a greater possibility? 

    You don’t even have to know what question to ask! You just have to ask a question and open the door.


    3. If you weren’t referencing the past, what could you actually create and choose?

    Something else that I find really helps me in my asking and receiving is to become really aware of where I’m still functioning from an old reference point or something from the past!

    Just because you have been asking for something in the past or that’s the way it was in the past doesn’t mean it has to be that way in your present and your future! 

    What if your past is not relevant anymore and what if you could make a completely different choice with the questions that you’re asking now?

    What is it you’d actually like to create for now and the future?

    And if there were no right or wrong here, what can I choose that would work for me?

    (An amazing question you can ask (from the wonderful Gary Douglas) – What’s going to move my future forward in dynamic ways?)


    These are some of the questions and tools that I like to play with when it comes to asking and receiving, and I hope they contribute to you having more ease in this area! 

    Remember that your receiving is only ever limited by you, not by anybody else, and as terrible as that may sound, it’s also incredibly empowering because if you’re the one who can limit your receiving, could you also be the one to expand it?!

    What have you asked for that hasn’t shown up yet?

    And what have you asked for that has shown up?

    Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

    Having things show up that we’ve been asking for is such a joy. And yet why is it that some things show up faster than others?


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