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16th – 30th November 2022

What’s on this month?

This is my monthly series for people, who like me, have been on a life-long mission to expand their lives, make choices easily and on purpose (not on autopilot)

Time & Date 
Starting 15th Every Month

An Access Consciousness class with Diva

A deeper dive into exploring what X-Men are in the world, in all areas; school, work life, and relationships to name a few.


07 June 2024

6 month series 

9 June – 3 November 2024

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To make every day life easier


10 – 12 October 2022


10 – 12 October 2022

32 points on the head that when lightly touched release stress, tension, mental blocks & more!

If you no longer had limitations as your foundation for living, what could your life be like?