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Are You Sensitive Or Aware?

Have you ever been told that you’re sensitive? That you should not take things so personally, or generally just stop being so sensitive?  But let me ask you a question, what is sensitivity anyway?

We are told that we are sensitive when we have knee-jerk reactions such as bursting into tears inexplicably at a tv advert, suddenly getting really angry when someone says something you don’t agree with, or even just cutting people off for what seems like something very small. Sensitivity can also be linked to being overly emotional or having an intense sense of sympathy and empathy.
However, how empowering is this? Not much! It’s often concluding that really, if you’re sensitive, then you’d better start getting used to it because apparently you don’t have any control or any other choice. And perhaps even more importantly, do any of these explanations or definitions of what being sensitive is actually give you freedom or choice when you’re a sensitive person? If not then what if these are not what sensitivity is about at all? And what if what is going on is actually something different, and something that you DO have choice in?

What if what you are is incredibly aware of the world around you?

“Awareness gives you choice. Sensitivity gives you separation and justification of emotions, feelings and thoughts.” – Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

For example, have you ever been in a great mood and then after spending 30minutes with a grumpy friend, you are also grumpy? Or perhaps you’ve sat next to someone who is sick and after a short while you start to feel sick too? Well this is actually your awareness of the world, the people and the energies around you.

So what do you do when you find yourself reacting to a situation and you can’t seem to gain a sense of control? Ask a question! And a great question to ask is: What am I perceiving? What am I aware of? Who does this belong to? Because the moment you go into question, is when you’ve chosen to get out of the reaction, or the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you cannot control, and you start opening the door to looking at things from a different point of view.

So what are you aware of? And what have you been perceiving? The more you ask these questions the more you will start to get a sense of you and your reality amidst the intensity that being sensitive can sometimes bring. How does it get any better than that?

Let us know how you go with these questions in the comments below!

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