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Why Should You Contribute To Someone Else's Business
When You've Got Your Own?

In a world of give and take we are not highly encouraged to contribute to other people’s businesses when there is so much to be done in our own lives. 

How often have you thought to yourself “Why would I contribute to someone else’s business, when I have so much to do myself?” or even “If this is going to benefit them, why would I contribute?”

Well, what if helping someone expand their business is also a way of expanding your life?
For me personally, when I have been penurious with my time, my energy or my commitment to a project or an event I’m organising, what ends up happening is that my life gets that little bit harder. It’s one of those catch 22 situations where you think you’re being logical about something, but you’re actually creating limitation for yourself by the limited mindset you have.

What do I mean? Picture this. You’re working on several projects, some for your business, some for other people’s businesses, and you decide “I must prioritise my projects over these other projects because otherwise I won’t be doing myself any favours”. What is the underlying point of view there? That there is a limited amount of energy and resources available to you. So what do you end up creating? A lack of energy and resources. 

Your point of view creates your reality. Simple as. When you are willing to contribute, you are also willing to receive. What if expanding every business you touched was a gift for you that expanded your life also?

Here are some questions I use daily to make sure I’m in create-mode and not in limited-mode!

1. Start each day anew
Are you starting each day like it was a new day, or are you building on what happened yesterday? Every day destroy and uncreate what yesterday was so that you can be present with what is today, and not be stuck holding onto whatever happened yesterday. Whether what showed up yesterday was great or not, what if it could always get greater? 

2. Ask a question
This is the way to change any limitation into a possibility. As the brilliant business advisor Steven Bowman says, “What if every problem were a possibility in disguise?”. So every time you hit a hurdle or a roadblock start asking questions.
  • What else is possible here that I haven’t considered?
  • How do I get around this?
  • What other ways are there of doing this?

3. Ask for help
So often we try and do things ourselves. This can be for many reasons – to not feel wrong or stupid, to prove that we are capable, to make sure that no one else does a worse job than we can do. Did you know that a project or business can only grow as much as the people involved are willing to grow? If you are only allowing yourself to be the sole source of a project, how much can it grow? If you are willing to ask for help from others with the institution of different things, without having to micro manage them, what would be possible then? It might get easier to have lots of projects and revenue streams going on if you are willing to have people contribute to you!


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