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What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Were you ever told that you had to have a purpose in life? That there was a reason we’re all here and you just have to find what your purpose is? Only it had better be a good, perfect and correct purpose?!
I never really quite “got” this concept when I was a child, so I invented my own purpose of life and it was to have money! My family were always short of money and the fridge was regularly bare, so I decided that the most obvious thing I could do was to fix this for myself and everyone I cared about with money, and it became my purpose.

The only thing I missed was that the point of view I was functioning from didn’t belong to me, it was the judgments and conclusions of the people around me that I was picking up and buying as though they were mine. See, when we buy something as ours and attempt to create our lives from it, it often (aka always) doesn’t work out. A few months ago after using the tool ‘Who does this belong to’ for 5 months for every thought, feeling and emotion I had, I finally and truly acknowledged that money wasn’t and isn’t a problem for me or something I have to fix. It’s a choice. As is living. And what is far more fun for me is a constant expansion of awareness and the change I can be in the world.

I wonder how many people, like me, have spent most of their lives seeking their purpose rather than creating their living? What if something different is possible here?

As Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness said, “The purpose of living is to actually create something that expands you and the world. The purpose of life is to get it right. Would you like to get it right or expand you and the world?”

Is it time to get a new awareness of what is actually possible to have as the purpose of life?