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Stop Hiding And Start Showing Up

Have you ever heard, or perhaps had someone say to you that you should just stop hiding away and start showing up?

How annoying can that be to hear, especially when you are aware of the judgements attached?

What if stopping hiding and showing up as more of you, wasn’t meant as an invalidation of everything that you have been and done so far in your life, yet more of an invitation to actually show up, even more so, as yourself?

How often do we not choose to show up because we are avoiding other people’s judgements, which actually have nothing to do with you and everything to do with what is going on for them.
What if those voices that we hear, that inner critic of not being good enough, or anything that stops us in our tracks are just designed to limit us, are not actually real and true and just a fabricated point of view?

Every single time you judge you, you literally start to hide you from the world and from yourself.

Have you ever worked on a project and forgotten to send an important email, or invited friends for dinner and hadn’t bought all the ingredients and rather than speak or take the required action, you have gone into the wrongness of you?

What if noticing those spaces and places where you go into judgement of you, you can begin to choose something different?

Quite often when we hide away, we can end up separating from ourselves and stop receiving from everything, focusing on what is wrong and not the possibilities that are actually available.

What if in any future situation, you could ask:
If there was nothing wrong here, what contribution could I receive?

It has been scientifically proven that when you ask a question, without find the answer or trying to figure it out, you literally open up the world to a new possibility. As you open up your awareness to it, you open up the information to it and you open yourself up to heading in that direction and creating something different.

Have you ever asked yourself, what would actually happen if you stopped hiding?  What does that bring up for you? What do you actually know?

Would you be willing to get vulnerable enough to ask for help? What gift and contribution could that be to moving forward rather than hiding from yourself and stopping the creation of your life?

How much greater ease and peace could we have in our worlds when we are willing to be present, stop judging ourselves, ask questions, take action and receive from everything?

Constantly moving forward in your life and making different choices out of your comfort zone, no longer living in an insular universe, doing everything by yourself can be a wonderful way to receive fast and be more productive.

Is it time to show up as you with no apologies for you, being fully you and creating to the best of your capacities?

Would you be willing to allow yourself to have a level of ease and joy in your life?

Is now the time?