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When You're Out Of Excuses... Try This.

“They won’t let me…”
“I don’t have the time…”
“I have so many other things to do right now…”
“I don’t have the money yet…”
“I’m not at my ideal weight…”
“I’m not quite confident enough…”
“I’ll just watch one more episode of Game of Thrones first…”

Does this sound like something you’ve ever done or thought to yourself?..
Most of us have at one point or another looked at our lives and wanted for things to be easier, a little (or a lot) more fun, to be greater, and almost as soon as you’ve started to imagine how great things could be… the excuses come in. The doubts. The reasons and justifications as to why you can’t, just not right now, later will surely be better. If all it takes is to take the first step, then why not wait until Monday to take that first step?

Do you know why? Because your life is right now. Your life doesn’t begin on Monday or after you’re at your ideal weight, or when you have the money. Your life is not about what will be in the future if you wish hard enough. It’s not what will show up when the world becomes a fair and just place. Your life is happening right now. And you are the only person that can change and create it.

I know a lady who for years is always ‘redecorating’ her apartment when it comes time for her to attend the classes she’s registered for months ago. That’s not to say that’s wrong, or even right. It’s just a choice. 

So what makes the choice to choose something greater seem so scary? or such a big deal?

We are taught that to get things right, such as getting our lives right we have to find the answer. One bright, shiny answer for the way we are supposed to do things. And once we discover this lord of the rings precious answer, then everything will turn out just the way we have always known it should be. 

I hate to break it to you, but that’s not the reality of the world we live in. 

When you start a new health regime what does it take? Choices regularly throughout the day. 

When you have a relationship, what does it take to not only keep that relationship alive but grow it? Choices made regularly and consistently. 

The same applies to creating your life. 

If you’re waiting for that moment where you are 100% confident and sure that you are going to create everything perfectly and with ease… you might be waiting a while. No one who creates a life they love has done it because they were 100% sure of themselves before they started and then all the way through. Do you wait until all the traffic lights are green from your house until your office before you drive out in the morning? No. And it’s exactly the same with this. 

What if all it takes is recognising that the choice to create something greater for yourself can begin with:

– Asking a question: what will my future be like if I choose this?
– Taking a break from self-judgment for 3min and being kind to yourself if you’re not getting life as ’right’ as you’d like to be
– Seeking the tools and information that will allow you to create something different…and then using them!
– Reading a book that inspires you
– Taking 30min to yourself

What if creating your life is about the choices you make right now. Not because they’re the right choice, not because you know what the result will be… but because you have the sense that your life will be greater by you choosing that. 

So if you’re on the fence about choosing anything that gives you the tools to manage your own psychology, give you more freedom of choice, and get rid of limiting beliefs so they no longer control you… my question to you is: If you choose it, what will your future be like?