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Is Having A guru In Your Best Interest?

This topic may be a little controversial, but you guys can handle it and hopefully there’s something in this for you.

I travel a lot and I travel facilitating classes using the Access Consciousness tools that are all about empowering you to know that you know exactly what works for you even if it feels like you don’t know it. 
Also, it gives you the tools to access your own awareness and your own knowing so that you never have to depend on anybody else for that.

Now, the reason that my amazing crew and I came up with this question is because a lot a lot of people will send in their questions and in many ways they’re looking for an answer and they want to have an answer for how to fix a problem how to change something what to do and all of that’s great and my question to you is…

What if you didn’t require a guru or anyone outside of you to know?
Check out the video below for more empowering information on this topic.
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