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How To Not Give A F What People Think Of You!

How many of us worry about what other people think of us?

Life doesn’t get better when you just try to eliminate the things you don’t like. Because all you do is focus on what you don’t like, adding energy to that and getting more of that.  What if instead, you focus on the things that are truly relevant to your life, that if you started to choose that would create more towards the life you desire?

1.  Be bluntly honest with yourself.  Recognize that if you’re saying to yourself “I don’t even care” that you probably do care; you are going into resistance and reaction.

What if none of it is not wrong, or even relevant? 

Use the tool, “Interesting point of view I have this point of view”, to get you out of resisting and reacting when people judge you (or you judge yourself)

2.  Start honoring yourself by really caring about you.  “Is it honoring of me to be caring about what I’ve decided these people are thinking about me?  If I wasn’t caring about that, if I were honoring me here, what would I choose?” 

It takes you from not being present to being a lot more present with yourself

3.  Remind yourself that no one is thinking about you!  They are too busy thinking about themselves.

I hope this has been a contribution to you.