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How To Know If You Are Following
Your Gut/Intuition/Energy
and Why Should You Care?

You are not following the energy if you are over thinking or agonising over something.  Whenever you are overthinking, you are no longer allowing your awareness, your intuition, your instinct; you are basically giving it all over to your head.
You are also not following the energy if you are focused on the meaning of things; as you are not following what is true for you but what you have learned from the world around you.

Anything that has a sense of heaviness or contraction is an indication that you are not following the energy.

Often, we avoid different possibilities because we want to be comfortable and are used to the way we normally do it.  
You have to be willing to ask a question so you can recognize where you are on autopilot and where you are willing to follow the energy.

1.  Be bluntly honest with yourself.  Ask, “Am I overthinking this?  Am I looking for meaning this?”
Then, “If I wasn’t overthinking this,  what else could I ask and what else could I receive?”

2.  Start to notice when you are choosing based on what you can justify or rationalize.  Whenever you do this, usually you are not following the energy.  Doing this will open your awareness and your receiving beyond where you are right now.

I hope to see you somewhere in the world soon!