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How To Get Rid Of Stage Fright

Did you know that studies show that most people would rather die than go on stage?  How crazy it that?

What if you didn’t have to have sleepless nights or get stressed weeks in advance of an event or situation where you have to speak or do something in front of other people?

Is it time to go beyond stagefright?

Stage fright can apply to many different scenarios, as well as performing on stage.  Making a presentation in a boardroom, introducing yourself to a new group of people, making a toast, addressing a group of friends and so on can all seem incredibly overwhelming.
What if those moments of being centre of attention could be enjoyable?

One of the main keys of getting over stage fright is to get out of judgement of you.

How much of stage fright is having to get it right and not getting it wrong, not wanting to look stupid in front of people, forget your words and offend people?

When we focus our energy and attention on having to get it right, we can stop ourselves from being present with the situation and in our minds and can disappear off somewhere else.

What can we do to change that and what tools could help?

By bringing down your barriers instead of being tense, not being in the fight or flight mode and being vulnerable enough to mess it up, are great ways to have more ease in these situations.

Would you be willing to get it wrong?

The moment you are willing to be wrong, more often than not, it never occurs because you are not being in resistance or reaction and being yourself.

A question you can also ask yourself is “What if this could turn out way greater than I ever imagined?”

Silencing the inner self-critic by saying ‘interesting point of view’ each and every time you are aware you are listening or hearing something that isn’t contributive, allows the energy to change.

If stage fright didn’t control you, how much more would you create and how much fun could you have?

Is it time to take centre stage in your life?