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Finding Peace In The Mayhem

Now more than ever, I am finding that the tools of Access Consciousness are giving me a sense of peace, when the whole world is freaking out. It’s a global pandemic that’s going on, obviously. So this is not just about positive thinking and trying to ignore what’s going on. 
It’s not about us being in denial of what’s happening and saying this doesn’t apply to me because I’ve got all of this other stuff. It’s really about starting to create this space for yourself where you’re not effected or impacted by the world around you.

As we walk through life we have these reactions to the world around us, these auto-response systems to different things. Have you noticed? It’s like we have these automatic responses. Is someone says hi to you, then you respond in a certain way. If somebody does something mean to you or kind, then you respond in a certain way. A lot of those times, it is an automatic response. It’s not actually us being present in the moment.

The reason I’m talking about is is one of the keys to finding peace is to be totally present in the moment and not go into those automatic responses. Find out more keys to finding peace in the mayhem in the video above.

​I am so grateful for the tools of Access Consciousness. If you have not yet heard of the tools of Access Consciousness, or not yet checked them out…  please, please, please check them out here on my website or on the Access Consciousness website. There are thousands of facilitators around the world using these tools.

I hope this has been a contribution to you!
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