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    Q and A Day with Diva Diaz, Relationships and X-Men

    Have you ever wondered if there were a different way to ‘do’ relationships? 

    Where it’s not about the fight, the conflict, the upset and intrigue? Or is that one part of relationships that you really enjoy? What if there is nothing right or wrong with anything you have chosen in your relationships up until now? 

    For the longest time I personally thought that if I could just be what the other person wanted me to be in relationship that they would be happy, I would be happier and everyone’s life would be easier. I did this with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, lovers and family. The one person I had forgotten to include in all of that though was me. I was creating my relationships based on what worked for everyone else, and never for me. 

    So very soon after entering a new relationship of any kind I would no longer be there. I would be playing a role, like an actor in their movie, which I also couldn’t keep up. Then I would get frustrated and angry that I was not in the picture, yet I didn’t know I could change it. In fact, I didn’t even realise I was doing this! 

    That’s the funny thing with limitations, we never see them as our own limited points of view, we see them as “the way things are”, “the fact of the matter is” and “it’s just what always happens”. Getting clarity on where I was functioning from, and what I would really like was one of the first steps that started to change things for me. For X-Men it’s very easy to know what everyone requires and desires and not so easy to know what you require and desire! Would you be willing to be clear on where you are functioning from, without judging yourself for it?

     And would you be willing to be vulnerable and look at what it is you truly desire? What if you have an entirely different possibility with relationships?