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Ask & Receive. Can It Be That Easy?

If you’ve been doing any of the Access Consciousness classes, or if you’ve read any of the books, you’ll know that one of the things that we talk about a lot is, “Ask and you shall receive.

Before I came across the doors of Access, I had obviously heard of the concept of ask and you shall receive. I mean it’s written in the Bible! But…
 one of the things that I started to realize was that there was a difference in the things that I was asking. ​Sometimes I would be asking truly from a complete sense of curiosity with no interest in what the outcome would be with the result. I didn’t have to have a fixed result, I was just truly asking. ‘What would it take for XYZ to show up?’The times that I did that amazing things showed up. However, there were also times… might just be me, might not be you … but there have been many, many times where I have asked things from a sense of lack or a sense of need. Have you ever done that with money, when you’re like, ‘I would like some more money. What’s it gonna take for some more money to show up? Universe, God, someone, give me more money.’

When you’re asking from that space is that actually truly asking from the space of question or are you asking from the space of limitation and fix point of view? There is a huge difference. But before I go into the difference, I just want to say, number one, What if none of this is wrong?

The key to getting free of every single thing that’s been limiting you is to get out of the wrongness of that because if you’re judging something is wrong can you change it? No, you can’t.

You judging something is wrong is like you’re putting your claws into it and holding onto it with at least one hand if not all of your limbs. So the moment that you get out of judging anything that you’re choosing as wrong, that’s when you can actually look at it and change it. How do you do that you just ask yourself if there were no right or wrong here what choice would I have available?

So step number one ask: If there were no right or wrong here what would I choose?
Find out more steps, tools and tips in the video below on how ask & receive can work for you….
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