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Are You Receiving From Your Business?

How much have we been taught or learned that to create and be involved in your own business that it has to be hard work and that for it to be successful you have to ‘do’ everything yourself?

Even though for some of us, the creative aspect of business and putting things into action is fun and exciting, there can be an underlying sense that if we are not working 24/7 that it could fail because we are not working hard enough.

What if that doesn’t have to be true?
Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness says: “Do what you enjoy that also brings you money.” 

Are you enjoying your business?

If you find that you are overworking in your business, constantly stressed and it is not really bringing you a sense of joy and you keep stop starting with creating, rather than having a natural flow you could ask yourself…

Do I like this business?
Do I really want to be doing this?
Is this a business that I really enjoy?

Quite often when we see others struggle with their businesses and putting so many hours in, we can buy into the paradigm that exists about business and believe it to be true for us too.

What if that actually isn’t true for you? How much more freedom does that create?

When we are willing to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves and become aware of the areas within our business that are not working as we would like them to, is when the changes that you have been asking for can begin to show up.

What could you be receiving from your business that you haven’t been receiving from your business?

As much as we have to do in order for our business to grow, if we are not willing to receive also, will it actually grow?

Receiving from the people around you, taking a break, allow others to contribute, hiring staff, paying yourself expenses, being willing to pay staff are some of the ways that honour you within the business, which allows it to grow.

What else could you be receiving from your business that you haven’t even acknowledged yet or considered before?

Receiving isn’t just about receiving more money. It could be that you are receiving new ideas in a way that you hadn’t received them before or it could be that you receive a different perspective or you receive the self awareness that you have been putting a stop point on your business, which is also receiving.

When you begin to receive in other ways it creates more flow within your business allowing you to naturally receive more money.

What would it take to receive from your business just as much as you contribute to it, if not more so, with so much ease?

How much fun can you have with your business?