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Are You Listening To The Whispers Of Possibility?

Are you listening to the whispers of possibility?

We are so used to listening to the things that are really loud and solid in our worlds, the things we think we are supposed to do, should do, in the right order and in the correct way.  As a result we can totally dismiss the whispers of possibilities that are all around us, just waiting to be heard and contribute to us.

What are the whispers of possibility?

The whispers of possibility are where we follow our knowing, our gut instincts, our intuition, that go way beyond the limitations and logic of our minds.
Figuring everything out with our minds is great and for some of us who have incredibly busy creative ones, having a gazillion ideas all at one time is such a gift, yet our minds can only ever give us what we already know or can figure out.

Going beyond our logical mind may seem like a rather nebulous concept, yet I very much doubt that Richard Branson has achieved his businesses on that logic alone.  He more likely has his ideas, goes for it, allows for it to come together and if it works, great and if doesn’t work, he is onto creating the next thing, following his instinct, his knowing and his intuition.

What would be possible if we listened to our own awareness going beyond the logic of our minds?
Our natural awareness and knowing is such a wonderful gift which we can tend to ignore perhaps more than we should.

What if we didn’t? How much more would we receive? How much more would be created in the world?
What if everything that we have been doing up until this very moment has been a gift, a contribution and what we have always known and is not wrong?

Do you ever find yourself forcing something into existence or in a situation that isn’t working out as you had hoped for and find yourself immediately trying to fix the problem, keep everything under control and become quite stressed, no longer having that space of ease and joy, that creation should actually be?

Some great questions that you can ask if you ever find yourself in that situation are:
  • What are the possibilities here that I am not considering?
  • What whispers of possibilities could i listen to here?

Contribution, greater clarity, new ideas and awarenesses beyond anything that we have been asking for can show up from the most unexpected and unlikely spaces, places and people when we no longer are trying to fix or control a situation and willing to relax and receive from the world around us.

What if something even greater was available for you in those very moments?

What other world of possibilities, awarenesses, instincts, knowings, ideas, creations are available and personal only to you, for you, your business and the world when you are willing to listen to the whispers of possibilities?