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3 Ways To Enjoy Yourself In Any Overwhelming (Holiday) Situation

Do you find the Holidays stressful or fun? 
Do you get bogged down in all the details instead of enjoying everything you are doing?
Do you suffer through Holiday events, longing for it all to end, or ask for more ease?

Watch this video to find out, 3 ways to enjoy yourself in any (Holiday) situation…
1. You are not alone.
Everyone is going through the same thing. Everyone is worrying about where they should be going and what they should be doing. Take a second to recognize that others are going through the same stress, worry, and overwhelm. And remember, one of my favorite tools of asking yourself, “What if you’re not as messed up as you think you are?”

2. Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture
It is easy to get bogged down in the details and lose sight of the big picture. So, if you notice this, take a second to expand out, think of a place you love going or something fun you just did and it may start to create a lot of ease for you. If you notice yourself trying to get it right… Ask yourself, “Would I be willing to mess this up?”

3. Just because something is intense, doesn’t mean it’s relevant to you.
Just because you can feel everyone’s stress and you can feel very stressed, doesn’t make it real. Now, this might seem really confrontational and rude. I apologies if it seems that way. Just ask yourself, “In 5 years time, is any of this stress and intensity even going to be relevant in your world?” The answer is probably no. So just remember, what if this is not significant. It is a choice to be stressed or you can focus on what you have to handle and ask to have ease with it. Just ask, “How much more ease can I have here?”

P.S. If you’re someone who really enjoys having your own space, take time the for that. Even if you take a 20 minute bath, or half-hour walk. Honor you, do what works for you. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything against other people. It usually means that you’re way better for everyone else because there’s more of a sense of peace and calm in your world.

When you are happier and calmer, you can inspire others to have that as well.

Those are my tips! Enjoy your holidays!