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It starts with you.

Praise & unedited words of kindness

“Working with Diva is an immense invitation to the space you be, to the possibilities you Be, and the empowerment that is there for you to choose…simply lovely and life changing…”

Cara Wright- Washington, USA

“I’ve judged myself a lot around the topic of creation and didn’t really get how everyone seemed to have ease and fun with it. I never really knew how to have fun with creation and this (class) has given me a lot more clarity around that. I received and perceived a lot of information on how I am able to be in creation.

I would like to acknowledge the sweet and gentle energy that Diva delivers when she facilitates, and don’t get me wrong she’s absolutely willing to be fierce if that’s what’s required to move stuff! If you have ever wondered how you fit in or what else was possible and you haven’t been able to find it yet, you might want to check out if these classes have something for you!”

Soren Lassen – Copenhagen, Denmark

“Hi Diva. We miss you here !!!! So much fun and Change for US!!! My “hard disc” is reset 😀
Gratitute is filling my entire Body and Universe .. Being with you and your space of allowance and no judgement allows me to be WHO I am..and NOT judge myself or try to fit in !!! And I love the “World” you are functioning from with the way your mind works. You really gave me the picture of how I have made myself so wrong about being an x-men, and how I and others had judged my capacities!!! You are contributing so much to me and my family by being you!!! Thank you.”

Helle Maximilia – Copenhagen, Denmark

“The first time I heard about Diva, was by reading her story about Autism and her X-men class. It brought tears to my eyes, because I saw a lot of myself in that, which made me realise that I wasn’t alone and that there was someone else going trough the same things I was. I was truly inspired by her and she keeps on inspiring me to be myself. I am deeply grateful for that. I have been to several Diva’s classes and every single one of them was uniquely phenomenal. After my first Foundation and Level 1 with Diva my reality with relationships and financial situation drastically changed and the energy and the space I was willing to choose and be during and after the class were mind blowing to me. Moreover I had a greater sense of ME, than ever before. Also my level of ease, happiness, joy and laughter increased. Her X-Men classes are always a delight as she has this brilliant and totally different way of facilitating and creating the space and the ease for participants to step into greater awarenesses and possibilities with themselves. That class also changed my whole reality and I was finally able to stop judging myself for being different. It helped me acknowledge my X-Men capacities and abilities. I am having lots of fun using them:) I highly recommend booking a private session with her. My session with Diva has given me a greater sense of myself, also the clarity and ease to start creating my life and what I desire in my life. Thank you Diva for being the phenomenal contribution, inspiration and the gift you be to the world.”

Marja Zapusek – Celje, Slovenia

“Diva is indescribable and undefinable. The invitation and joy that she is has given me the ease of choosing a totally different reality and possibilities. And one that works for me. She has… and continues to…empower me to have all of me. And her patience is astounding! Love ya!!
Thank you Diva! Thank you Consciousness!!”

Aditi Iyer – Chennai, India

“I am profoundly blessed to know Diva Diaz. While it may sound cliché, ever since my first Access Consciousness class with Diva as a facilitator, I felt a strong sense that our meeting would ensue a connection that would uniquely change so many areas of my life. I was right! Diva’s capacity to empower my knowing has allowed me to change countless times when I’ve been stuck. One incredible example was about 5 years ago. For no logical explanation, I had herniated three vertebrae in my cervical spine. I went to 4 separate doctors who didn’t help at all. The x-Rays described what looked like I had been in a terrible accident, but in reality, I wasn’t. I stubbornly waited 7 months in severe pain to pick up the phone and call Diva. Literally, 10 minutes of processing and with no expectations, I woke up the next morning and I was pain free and for lack of a better explanation-I was magically healed. She told me never to wait that long again to call. That’s just one instance when magic occurred from working with Diva’s facilitation. So to anyone looking for an infinitely potent being whose capacities to change what may seem unchangeable, according to this reality, Diva Diaz is it! It’s beings like her who change the world generating infinite possibilities. Thank you Diva… Truly, for being YOU!”

Samantha Lehrhoff Bommarito – Fort Lauderdale, USA

The X-Men class is indescribable! Diva uses all her kindness and sweetness to guide you in the magical world of what X-Men can do. I didn’t know that so many things that I judged as wrongness in me, like being a bit OCD, superfast and communicating not only with words, were actually capacities that I could use to my advantage. And now, every time I recognize those abilities in someone else, especially in children, I know what to do, because now I have the tools. It would be great if more and more people could have access to all this information!

Erika Mangiapane – Turin, Italy

I attended the X-Men class in Slovenia with my son. After this class, his whole perspective about school changed and he uses the tools Diva shared in class. He has been at the top of his class since then.
The tools you learn in this class can really help your children. And also you can help yourself. It blows my mind!

Goga Pecnik – Celje, Slovenia

I use everyday the Access tools Diva facilitated for me and they are really cool! With her elegance and kindness, she invites us to access all the elements of our brilliance, where we have made ourselves wrong and different and she really inspires us to acknowledge our greatness! This is so totally different that we can create something that doesn’t exist yet… Infinite Gratitude for Diva.

Emanuela Siani – Rome, Italy

It’s this amazing thing to not go into what’s wrong about me, if I don’t do things the way others do. Today, when I notice that I do things differently, I realise that’s me and it’s okay. It’s great. What if I can do more of that? What if I could actually enjoy being with me and with the world in whatever I do?

Maja Dienes – Budapest, Hungary