6 month adventure with diva diaz

What if every day in your life were an adventure into more capacities, more abilities and more of YOU?

Super Abled might be for you if…

👉🏼  You want to discover your capacities
👉🏼 You desire to create beyond your current limitations
👉🏼 You want to thrive (and not only survive)
👉🏼 You’re ready to ask what else is possible, even if you don’t know the answer or how you will get there!

What if everything you thought was wrong with you is actually a strength?

Would you be willing to discover what is right about you that you’ve not been getting? And, how you can use all of your abilities to your advantage to create a life you love?

When I worked in Business Intelligence I used to love my day-to-day and the seemingly impossible things I created all the time. What I didn’t love though was the self-doubt that plagued me, the worry, the self judgment, the feeling of never fitting in or being good enough, the imposter syndrome, and even wondering if I had any skills at all or if I was just a great big fluke! 

I would keep myself awake at night wondering how I could avoid the impending failure I was sure would come if I inevitably did something wrong, made a huge mistake, didn’t meet my targets, or worse still… if people found out I really wasn’t as good as they thought I was. 

What I began to realise during this time is that:

👉🏼 You can keep going and keep creating even when you don’t FEEL that you can
👉🏼 You can create a life you love regardless of whether you are judging yourself or not
👉🏼 Believing in yourself is not about knowing that, or how, you will win or succeed, it’s about knowing that you cannot truly fail

Super abled update

I also knew that something else had to be possible. 

It must be possible to:
> Not doubt yourself constantly
> Never wait for anyone or anything
> Keep choosing what propels your future forward
> Have peace and calm every day
> Create more elegantly than being a busy, busy doing-machine
> Be happy

That’s when I came across the tools of Access Consciousness. A lady introduced me to the tools, and when I told her I wasn’t interested and I just required to create $1million investment for my first start-up company, she insisted I try a few of the tools. 

With nothing to lose, no idea how it would show up or if it would show up, and a healthy dose of self-doubt and not believing in myself… I went ahead and used the tools for 3 weeks. 

At the end of that time I was offered $1million by a group of angel investors that i met as if by ‘magic’. 

Coincidence? No.

Choosing to create? yes. 

If I could do that with only a handful of tools and no self-belief then anyone can!

This membership will offer you the incredible and potent tools, questions and processes of Access Consciousness to access and use your abilities in every area of your life to create what you desire.  

Is it time to propel your future forward in ways you didn’t think possible?

Welcome to Super-Abled!

And here’s what you receive…
👉🏼 1 Zoom call a month
👉🏼 Regular videos & tools
👉🏼 Telegram group to keep in touch with all your super-abled adventurers

Is now the S P A C E?


You may join this series up until the beginning of Call 2. Please make sure you listen to Call 1 before you join Call 2, and if you don’t manage to then we would ask you to not ask questions until you have listened to Call 1 since your question may have been addressed on that call already!

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23 June, 2022
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