What is Beyond Perfection?

3-part telecall with diva diaz

I have a confession. I am a perfectionist.

And not always in the good way.

There have been many projects/business ideas/incredible possibilities that I have not chosen because in my mind I couldn’t get them perfect before starting.

For the longest time I judged myself intensely for this.

“Why can’t I seem to just go for things the way other people do?”

“I can’t stop playing out scenarios in my head until I get them perfect!”

“What’s wrong with me that I cannot seem to get started on things? Or complete others?”

Well, the truth was… there was nothing wrong with me!

I was just trying to get my life perfect. Have you ever done anything similar?

For me, all I can say is…cute, not bright!

Now life is very different. I’m willing to fail. I’m willing to fall and stumble, knowing full well that I will get back up again. More importantly, I’m willing to enjoy and create my life without the burden of perfectionism looming over every single choice I make.

What if you never had to have things be perfect again?

What if you didn’t need to know how the future is going to look before you choose it?

What if your ‘perfectionism’ is actually a capacity for something far greater?

Join me for this series where we will dive into what’s at the root of perfectionism, change it and hopefully begin to create way beyond it so that you can have a life that truly amazes you!

Date & Time:
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2022
10:00am UK Time | Your Time

Location: Online

Languages: This class is available in English

Please note: You can request translation when you register or by emailing info@divadiaz.com. Translation is offered based on demand and the number of participants.
Should there not be enough participants in your language, you will be contacted.


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