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How To Find Your No-Count

For a relationship you'll love

This call will allow you to get clarity on:

  • When someone is being honest and truthful
  • What a person’s agenda is
  • Who desires to be a contribution to you
  • Who you could have a great relationship with
  • What you truly desire

Why are these things important?

Well think about it.

Have you ever tried to find the perfect relationship?

The one that ticked all the boxes? Where the person looked the right way, behaved in a certain way and said all the right things?

Then when you get into that relationship have you found that things don’t turn out quite how you expected them to?

That’s because it is difficult to know who would actually be great to be in a relationship with since all the above ticking the right boxes has a lot to do with the superficial aspects of a person, and very little to do with who they really are. 

Instead of a winner who will make you look great, or who will make you feel like you found ‘The One’. Or a loser, who will give themselves up and follow you around and do everything you say. You might want to find yourself a no-count.

A No Count is the person you could actually have a great relationship with.

Discover how to find your No Count on this Leap year call and get closer to having a relationship you’ll truly love and enjoy being in!

In this two-part series you will:

  • Receive Zoom Info to join the interactive video calls live
  • Be able to ask your questions and be facilitated live
  • Receive the recordings of the calls


Date & Time:

Call 1: 29th February at 7pm CET. Find your local time here.

Call 2: 1 March at 7pm CET. Find your local time here.

Languages: This class is available in English


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