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Did you know……?

Dear Reader,

You have access to the greatest source of wealth that there is. It’s not money. It’s not your capacity to DO stuff. It’s your Being.  

What do I mean?

1. You as an infinite being are (literally) made up of an infinite amount of energy, space, consciousness, awareness and creativity. Could that be a source of wealth?  


2. When you are BEING you also get to receive. This includes receiving the possibilities and choices that will create greater for the future. Could that be a source of wealth?  

3. Your Being is infinite… it never ends. This also means that the possibilities you have available never end.

Is that also a source of wealth?  

True wealth is not about the amount of money in your bank account, it’s about the possibilities that you have access to.  

What would it be like if you could create everything you desired from the infinite wealth of your being?


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Diva xx

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