Money Possibilities During Times of Financial Crisis

Clearing Hour, Gift zoom with diva diaz

What if there are lots of possibilities with money, even when the world is going crazy and there is ‘proof’ of a financial crisis everywhere you look?

Did you know that more millionaires are created during times of financial crisis than at any other time?

Why is that?

How is it that there are people who survive during times of financial crisis and there are people who thrive?

Not all of the people who thrive are wealthy or have lots of money saved up to keep them going when things get difficult. Anyone can thrive during a financial crisis… if they choose it!

If you’ve been thinking to yourself:

  • “Things are getting more expensive, and everyone knows it!”
  • “Things will only get harder”
  • “My only option is to work more”
  • “How will I survive this?”
  • “I just need to wait and sit patiently until things get better”

Then this call is for you!

I am gifting this call so we can look at :

  • What’s the difference between people who only survive and those who thrive?
  • What are the choices they make?
  • What choices can you make?
  • What choices do you truly have available?
  • Clearing the limited points of view that you have that are keeping you from thriving financially!

You can choose to be swept along by the current wave of economic upset, and difficulty. OR you can choose what only you are capable of.

It’s your choice!

What do you choose?

I hope to see you there 🙂

Diva x

Time & Date:
Monday 27th June 2022
8pm – 9pm UK Time
Your Local Time

Venue: Online

Prerequisites: None

This call is in English
It will be Live translated into Русский, Türk, Deutsch, Español, Magyar
Recordings will be available in 中文 & 日本 48 hrs after the call



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