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Lessons from Planet Earth

3-part telecall with diva diaz

Have you ever noticed how the earth thrives regardless of what is going on?
… regardless of the political agenda or the economic situation at the time?

What could we be learning from the earth that we have not considered?

The earth knows a lot about communion… about killing the weakest link… and about orgasmic living.

What would you life be like if you were willing to truly embrace and add those 3 elements of living on planet earth to your life, your body, your business and all of your creations?

Join Diva for this 3 part telecall!

NEW Date & Time:
15th, 16th & 17th October 2022
6:30pm CET | Your Time

Location: Online

Languages: This class is available in English

Please note: You can request translation when you register or by emailing Translation is offered based on demand and the number of participants.
Should there not be enough participants in your language, you will be contacted.


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