X-Men The Future of Business

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One thing I’ve noticed in my years of enjoying business is that whether you are an employee, a business owner, or someone with lots of ideas that you would like to institute… you are ultimately the creator of everything that shows up for you in business.

Are you willing to know you’re that powerful?

I used to work in business intelligence before Access Consciousness, and in that role I received incredible top quality training in negotiation, dealing with people, leading projects and being ahead of the curve. I was a country director and I dealt with heads of state, minsters in government, CEO’s of companies, and entrepreneurs in 4 continents of the planet. They all inspired me in different ways and I often wondered what they knew about business that I didn’t? What was it that made them successful?

As the years went by I started to acknowledge that what they were choosing that worked for them, was precisely that! Something that worked for them. It didn’t mean it was going to work for me. 

So I started out on a quest to find out what was true for me, and with the tools of Access Consciousness I was able to choose what was true for me with more and more ease. 

And guess what? What I knew was valuable. It wasn’t rubbish or crazy as I had thought it would be (have you ever thought your ideas are crazy?). 

Every time I have listened to my own knowing in business it has trumped any kind of training I could have received, however it isn’t necessary for me to throw away all my training… I just use it to my advantage! What if you can use everything you have learned in business to your advantage?

X-Men have an incredible capacity to perceive the future that’s coming. It’s not always cognitive but it is an awareness that they have when they allow themselves to receive it. Would you be willing to have awareness of the future and what was coming not only a few weeks out, but months and years in advance.

What if you could always be on the creative edge with business?

Would you be willing to be that successful?

Times are changing and so is business! 

The global pandemic has shown us more than ever that it’s time to be ahead of the game, and that businesses and their creators and leaders are the ones that can shape them in any way they desire. 

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