Foundation Mar 2021 - Kajabi

What if it’s possible to change anything?

What if you know something that no one else knows?

What if now is the time to express and choose everything you came here to be? 

The Access Consciousness Foundation class is designed to empower you to change anything and everything you’d like to change in your life.

Date: 26 – 30 March, 2021
Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm UK | Your Local Time
Location: Online
Note: You must be present on camera for the entire class to receive credit for attending.

Pre-requisite: Access Bars®

This class is available in English and русский. Please note: You can request translation when you register or by emailing Translation is offered based on demand and the number of participants. Should there not be enough participants in your language, you will be contacted

Global pricing available

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Repeat pricing

For people who have participate in an Access Consciousness Foundation class in the previous 12 months.

100% Country
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65% Country
Repeat Price

If you prefer to pay by PayPal or require any assistance registering, please email