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What if You are the Evolution?

a Class with diva diaz

What if you are the evolution of the species?

Evolution is the constant change that allows a species to thrive in situations where it would usually just survive or die.

Are you allowing yourself to evolve in your life?

Or have you been happily ticking along? Just comfortable with surviving? And is that enough for you?

What if evolution is not something outside of you.. not a magical result that will show up and fix your life… but, what if it is YOU?

Are you ready to create the real future?

Time & Date
15 – 17 September, 2023
Time: 4pm – 8pm UK Time
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Price: €1875 (Country pricing applies)

X-Men Disabilities or Abilities? 2-Day Class  anytime
Choice of Possibilities

This class is available in English. Please note: You can request translation when you register or by emailing Translation is offered based on demand and the number of participants. Should there not be enough participants in your language, you will be contacted

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