Source of Infinite Possibilites: EARTH

a pop-up call with diva diaz

What if the Earth is a source for possibilities that is just waiting for you to Ask & Receive?

The Earth has been undergoing huge change over the last couple of thousand years, but what is always consistent is change.

What if change were a gift that the Earth is showing us all the time? How often do we say we desire change, yet we don’t always choose it due to fear, doubt or the unwillingness to lose what we currently have into something greater. All of those are judgments. So, what else is possible?

The Earth doesn’t judge, it is always in allowance, and it is willing to change instantly when required.

When we talk about consciousness, it can be easy to forget that there are elements around us inviting us to greater consciousness and aware 24/7. We tend to think that we have to work hard, have things be difficult so we can overcome problems, and even survive rather than thrive.

Does the Earth have that point of view? Or does it function from a completely different space?

What if you don’t have to do life all alone? What if you have an incredible resource and gift at your fingertips that you just haven’t tapped into fully yet?

What if your natural and conscious way of functioning is much more like the Earth?

What would your life be like if you chose to embrace the change, choice and possibilities that this beautiful planet of ours is?

Date & Time:
8 July 2022
6:30pm UK Time
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Location: Online

Prerequisites: Access Bars

Languages: This class is available in English.
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