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Dealing with Loss

3-part telecall with diva diaz

What is the one thing you’ve decided you cannot lose in life?
What is the one thing you cannot live without?

Is it a parent?
Is it a job?
Is it a relationship?
Is it money?

The one thing you are not willing to lose is the one thing that will limit you the most.
And to have everything, you have to willing to lose everything.

Over the last couple of years, I have lost a lot of the things that, I thought that I would die if I lost them. And what I found on the other side of that loss, is the greatest of awareness, the freedom, the choices and the possibilities beyond what I could ever imagine.

What if loss never shows up the way you think it will?
And what if, in loss, there is always the space for something greater?

Join Diva for this 3 part telecall!

Date & Time:
30 & 31 August, 1 September 2022
7:00pm UK Time | Your Time

Location: Online

Languages: This class is available in English

Please note: You can request translation when you register or by emailing Translation is offered based on demand and the number of participants.
Should there not be enough participants in your language, you will be contacted.


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