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Comfort Challenge

a 5 day challenge with diva diaz

Did you know that comfort is one of the greatest ways we keep ourselves small in life?

We think that comfort is when we have reached some kind of desired target.

But, think about it.

How many times have you thought about doing something outside of your comfort zone, and then decided not go for it because it would be too uncomfortable?

Some typical excuses I hear all the time are:

👉🏼 I can’t be bothered
👉🏼 It’s too much effort
👉🏼 I won’t be good at it
👉🏼 I’ll probably fail, so why try?
👉🏼 Everyone will be better than me so there’s no point
👉🏼 I don’t know HOW
👉🏼 I’ll probably look stupid

Have you ever said any of those things to yourselves? It could be that you’ve done any of these when considering going out on a date, looking for a new job, finding a handyman to fix the things in your house that have been broken for so long, or even improving your financial reality.

Comfort is overrated, it’s what keeps people on the sofa watching TV for years and then wondering where their life went.

BUT PLEASE KNOW! If that’s something that is fun for you, please choose it. And enjoy it! It’s only if you’re not enjoying it, that you know that it’s not your reality and you might be capable of something different.

Now, an interesting thing about comfort is that it’s not just about your body and what activities you’re doing. It’s not that you have to go bungee-jumping, or change the way you dress or behave. It’s much simpler than that. It’s about your mindset.


WhatsApp Image 2020-03-06 at 11.39.08

What if the comfort zone that is truly limiting you is the one in your mind?

Here’s what I mean: have you ever….

👉🏼 Seen someone you admired and loved what they were creating (cue happiness and inspiration) and then instantly cut yourself off from thinking about any of it because you “know” you can’t have that too?

👉🏼 Thought of a cool idea that would be fun, and then immediately said to yourself “I could never do that”

👉🏼 Known the kind of relationship that you would like to have, and then your mind kicks in “that doesn’t exist for me, I don’t have what it takes to have that”

Every single one of those things came from the mind. Did you notice that?

And every one of those things stops you from accessing the abilities and unique skills you have that would allow you to achieve that which you desire!!

So what if it is time for something different?

You could fail, it’s true. But, what if you don’t? Just… what if?


Is it time to start stepping outside of your comfort zone?

What abilities could you discover about yourself
that you have been hiding under that negative self-talk?

Happy kid_Comfort Challenge

I’m inviting you to a 5-day Challenge!!!

Every Day for 5 Days…
👉🏼 I will release an exclusive video with questions and tools that you can follow
👉🏼 You get to just watch and enjoy… and if you’re brave enough, do the challenge!
👉🏼 It won’t be cheesy. It won’t be about you “putting yourself out there” to people, this is all internal work that you get to do on yourself.

During this challenge you can…
💪🏼 Identify your comfort zones and how they are limiting you
💪🏼 Recognise anxiety triggers in your day to day
💪🏼 Use your own innate capacities (that you may not know you have!) to overcome these

By the end of this challenge you will hopefully…
🌟 Have a sense of the places you are choosing to live within your comfort zone
🌟 Realise what unique abilities you’ve been hiding from yourself
🌟 Show up in your own life on purpose
🌟 Create with more ease


Are you in?
Sign up below!