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Greetings from
Castello di Casalborgone

Dear Reader,

If you’ve been or are on a journey of self-development or improving your life in any way then you might be like many people that I’ve come across (including me!) where you really like having choice.

That means not being stuck with limited options that you can choose from. For me personally the areas in my life where I feel like I have no choice I have ended up wanting to run away from or quit or leave and that isn’t always the best choice!

What if you have choice in every area of your life even when it feels like you don’t?

What would you have to change or add to the situations where you feel like you don’t have choice so that you have more choices and more possibilities available?

You can ask:
“What choice do I truly have here that i don’t want to know that I have?”
“What would I have to change and what perspective would I have to shift, in order to have that?”


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Hope you are having a wonderful month and I look forward to seeing you online or in person somewhere in the world!

Big hugs from Castello di Casalborgone,

Diva xx

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