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10 Days Getting Out of Judgment Of Your Body

10 day adventure with diva diaz

If you had no judgment of your body…  what would it be capable of?

~Diva Diaz

Several years ago I had an unfortunate fall backwards onto steps and broke my spine in two places.

I was told by Doctors that it could take up to 6months to walk again. I was on one hand grateful that I would walk again, but in excruciating pain and with no idea of what the recovery process would look like.

I did however know that my body knew. Don’t ask me how. It wasn’t a belief, or something I had read. I just knew that this incredible body that had been through so many things and even with this fall had managed to land in a position that minimised damage… it knew.

It knew more than me how to change this.

There was one thing I had to change though if I was going to let it lead the way. Judgment.

The judgments, fear and doubt in my mind had to be gone for this to play out in the way my body knew how.

So I put my hands up, gave up control, and listened to it.

Every time a judgment came into my mind, I would actively choose something different. I was diligent, and I asked my body thousands of questions every day until its voice became louder in my world than even my own.

Within 6 weeks I was walking. And I haven’t had even the slightest glimpse of pain or after effects from that fall since.

People ask me how I did it, and so I created this series so that you can begin to explore the gift of getting out of judgment of your body.

What if you don’t need to wait for a disaster, or dis-ease in order to listen to what your body is telling you?

What are the infinite possibilities?

We will have 30 minute zoom during 10 days.

Date & Time:
Begins 22 July 2024
7:00pm CET | Your Time

Location: Online

Languages: This class is available in English

Please note: You can request translation when you register or by emailing Translation is offered based on demand and the number of participants.
Should there not be enough participants in your language, you will be contacted.


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